Last updated: April 29, 2020

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"Everyone Gets a Mask!"

How You Can Help Everyone in Your Community Get a Good Face Mask

Likely Protection Level Provided by Types of Face Coverings
(assuming used in accordance with instructions)
Lowest protection -------------------------------> Highest protection
 HomemadeCommercially Manufactured / FDA approved
(nothing) Bandana etc. High-quality sewn
cloth mask
Surgical mask N95 Respirator Mechanical device -
supplied air etc.

The yellow-highlighted mask is what this web site is about.

Which of these three actions can you take to increase the number of people wearing high-quality face masks to reduce (or stop) the spread of COVID-19 in your community?  Whichever you choose, this website has guides and resources to help you get going!

1.     Help organize and lead a group effort to get high quality homemade cloth face masks on the faces of everyone in your community – club, congregation, school, company, neighborhood, town, county, etc.   Why?

Go to the  Project Start Page for a brief overview with links to the documents you need: a project management guide plus instructions for specific pieces of the work.  These will help you get organized, make a good plan, and get in gear fast.

2.   Play a supporting role in an on-going group effort run by others – whether you know how to sew or not.

Go to How to Connect and Contribute which will suggest specific ways to find and help out with an existing project. You’ll also see links to other resources on this site.

3.   Make a small numbers of masks yourself - and wear them.

The Mask Maker Resources page will steer you to the information that will help you choose an appropriate fabric and make a good mask.  It will also point you to reliable resources on the internet that we have identified and evaluated.  (Not all websites give good advice.)

4.   Explore our research references.

The References page contains an extensive list of references to journal articles, internet postings, and other materials that were assembled and digested by us in creating the materials in this site.  Will be updated periodically.

The authors are experienced physician-specialists in occupational medicine as well as business consultants.  We have carefully researched, analyzed, compared, written up, and assembled the free resources on this site as a gift for you.  If you have suggestions or comments, please reach out to us at

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