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How to Connect and Contribute

If you'd like to join a group making masks ...

If you’d like to pitch in and play a supporting role in a COVID-19 related project that’s already underway in your community, here some ideas for how to find and connect with them.  Projects like this often have many tasks that need doing, so whether you know how to sew or not, you are likely to be welcomed!

  1. Call or email organizations and groups in your local area (neighborhood, town, city, or county).

    • Ask if they are aware of any groups that have been making and distributing masks, and might want more help.

    • If so, tell them you want to volunteer.

    • If not, ask them if they know of another organization or group that IS (or might be) doing something.

  2. Be prepared to tell the group what skills you have, or what you are willing to do.  For example:

    • Can you sew?  If not, are you willing to be sewer’s assistant (e.g. cut fabric, pin or iron pieces together, etc.)?

    • Are you comfortable making phone calls to organizations or facilities that may want to get masks from your group?

    • Are you an organizer type, so you can keep track of project scheduling, activities, and records?

    • Do you know how to keep financial records so you can track expenses and income and expense reimbursements for volunteers?

    • Do you know how to use email and make email lists, so you could help with communications?

    • Do you have a good internet connection and are you familiar with using social media – so you could create an egroup for your project or help with publicizing its efforts?

    • Do you have a car and are able to shop for things or pick up masks or deliver them?  (Note: Social distancing means that being in a car along with others may be a bit risky, even if you are wearing masks.)

  3. Here are examples of the kind of organizations that might be aware of on-going volunteer efforts:

    • Your local government, especially their COVID-19 hot line or webpage, if any.

    o Check the main website to find it, possibly under the health department.

    • Organizations that may have already received or been offered mask donations from local groups:

    o Local hospitals and other large healthcare facilities (such as multi-specialty clinics).

    o Rehabilitation hospitals, chronic care facilities, and nursing homes.

    o Senior centers and residential communities.

    • Groups that have projects already underway or now in the planning stages, such as:

    o Local houses of worship (churches, synagogues, mosques, etc.).

    o Local chapters of national sewing or craft clubs (American Sewing Guild, Modern Quilt Guild)  You can use to search for sewing clubs near you.

    o Local civic organizations or service clubs (such as Parent-Teacher Organizations, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, AARP, etc.).

    o Local chapters of alumni associations, fraternities, or sororities.

    o Informal groups such as book clubs, neighborhood associations, and so on.

  4. When you run into a group that is just getting started, struggling, could be better organized or more effective, please send them to our Everybody Gets a Mask! website, especially the Project Home Page!

Please send your comments, suggestions and feedback to help us improve!  Email us at

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