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"Everyone Gets a Mask!" Team Project

 Resources to help volunteer groups get going and do a good job

This is a mutual protection project driven by grass-roots volunteer teams to keep their communities as safe as possible during looming “worst days” of the COVID-19 pandemic.  By using the free Project Management Resources, teams can rapidly organize, then start making and distributing high quality homemade cloth face masks to everyone in their local community who wants or needs one!

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New to “Everyone Gets a Mask!”?  Read the invitation to participate below … then look at the Project Resources and get started!

You and your friends and neighbors are invited to team up rapidly and take on a fast-paced yet short-term volunteer project called “Everyone Gets a Mask!”  You have an opportunity to make a big contribution in a short period of time.  The issue is urgent: coordinated action is needed NOW if we want to protect one another during the next few weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The CDC says we should all be wearing masks when we are out of the house and around people – but most people don’t have one!

“Everyone Gets a Mask!” offers you a Project Management Kit designed to assist you to quickly get a team organized and into operation, coordinating efforts in your community to make and deliver masks to people who need them.

The Project Management Guide is a gift to you, developed by volunteer physician specialists in occupational medicine Claudia Hix, DO and Jennifer Christian, MD as well as business consultant David Siktberg, MBA.  We hope you take it and run with it.  Many hands make light work!

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