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Three types of device are covered in this project.  Two are cloth masks that provide protection to the wearer and bystanders, and the third is a cover that extends the useful life of N95 masks for healthcare workers.  You can make one or all!

Rectangular Pleated Mask Fitted Mask N95 cover
(prolongs useful life of N95 masks)

The PDF documents below contain all the reference materials for setting up a team project, or just making masks by yourself.

Each can be downloaded and printed, but if you read them with Adobe Reader the many hyperlinks included will be active and you can easily navigate to the web resources referenced.

Questions, suggestions, and other feedback welcome!  Send to masks@webility.md.

Project Management Guide How to design, set up, and operate a volunteer project to take requests, make masks, and distribute them.  Overall planning guides and detailed instructions.  For those who are leading, organizing, and managing the project.
Instructions for Mask Makers Background and overall instructions for those who will be fabricating masks, including links to patterns and detailed step-by-step instructions.
Technical Specifications Detailed specifications of fabric and notions required to make an effective mask.  Easy test to ensure fabric has required filtering properties.  List of items needed.
Basic Orientation and FAQs Background on nature of exposures, risks, mask characteristics, how to choose what mask to use, etc.
Handout for Mask Wearers "Wearing and Caring for Cloth Face Masks."  Single page instruction sheet for general public.  Printed copy should accompany each mask delivered.

Instructions for Mask Wearers
Instructions for Mask Wearers (Word)

More detailed instructions for healthcare worker wearers and others.  Basics about using masks: how to put them on, remove, launder.  Word version of the file is suitable to customize by local groups.
References List Extensive listing of articles, web sites, and other information that formed the basis of the materials and recommendations in this web site.  Use this to validate or understand the recommendations and better understand how to take effective action.

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