"We Are Transforming Life-Function Outcomes for Working Age People with Health Problems"

Praxis Showcase 3/26 - Bio-Psycho-Socio-Economic Model - recording available here


We’re glad you are interested in the new Praxis Partners Consortium.  We have recently established this community so that like-minded professionals can find each other and work together.  We all want to improve what happens when health events imperil a working age person’s ability to function at home, at work and in the community.  We hope you will do business with our members – or get involved another way.

Who We Are

As professionals in a wide array of disciplines and work settings, we promote, provide, arrange, recommend, coordinate, approve, or purchase services that restore and enhance health, well-being and the ability to function, work, and participate fully in life for those who are injured, chronically ill, aging, or who have a disability.

Some of us are innovators and change agents; some are looking for better solutions; some simply do the right thing consistently and want to team up with others who "get it".  See more at Who We Are



Today, working people usually have to fend for themselves in getting their lives back together when their ability to function at home and work has been changed by injury, illness or aging.  See more at Challenge.


We are taking a grass-roots do-it-yourself approach to system change.  Within the Consortium, our collaboration is going to transform the way things are done, bit by bit, from the ground up.  See more at Mission.


We are looking for, developing, piloting, testing, and/or putting in place better models, methods, tools, services, products, processes, systems, metrics, relationships, contracts, and financial agreements — all the practical things that make it possible to consistently produce better life outcomes.

We are sharing experiences and resources, and are teaching and learning from one another.  We are also keeping the larger marketplace informed about what our group and our members are up to.  See more at Activities.