Activities: What We Are Doing

While waiting for political, legislative and regulatory action, we are doing what we can by ourselves to improve things.  We are:

  1. Creating an environment that facilitates communication and collaboration across disciplines and sectors, and encourages and rewards both people and organizations that further our shared mission, vision, and values.
  2. Demonstrating how to reach across boundaries to improve the effectiveness as well as efficiency of the programs and systems that support people whose lives have been disrupted by health conditions.
  3. Building collegial working relationships across professional silos, organizational boundaries, and sectors of society in service of our shared goal.
  4. Teaching and learning from each other to deepen our understanding and build our mastery.
  5. Developing and sharing resources, collaborating in practical research to design, test, and widely deploy new ideas: (a) clinical care models, tools, methods, services and products, as well as (b) business and financial models that stimulate innovation and improve incentive alignment.
  6. Sharing our perspective and knowledge with the world at large: communicating with working people and their advocates, clinicians, employers, insurers, regulators, adjudicators, policymakers, and elected officials about the merits of our approach and why they would want to get involved.
  7. Figuring out how to operationalize innovative methods, tools, programs, and products in public and private sector settings, and exploring ways to get around obstacles to widespread adoption — so that these better solutions actually become available to people who need them.
  8. Creating a way to reward professionals who share our approach and deliver more value by showcasing our members.  Our marketplace makes it easy for anyone to find and do business with them.  We want you to order, arrange, facilitate, support, promote, deliver, implement, evaluate, or pay for services by Praxis Partners members because you know what we stand for.