Our consortium is taking a grass-roots do-it-yourself approach to system change: bridging a gap in the social fabric (see Challenge). This gap between medical offices and workplaces means that working people with health problems are usually left on their own to figure out how to cope with the resulting life and work disruption. Too often they do not get the practical help they really need from programs and systems that are set up for narrower purposes. We want everyone to get the kind of care and support that promotes healing and gets the rhythm of everyday life back to normal as quickly as possible.

We are creating an environment that makes it easier to find like-minded professionals to team up or do business with: those who share a commitment to preventing needless health-related life disruption, functional impairment, work absence, job loss, and worklessness and their unfortunate consequences.

Our focus is on "praxis" a Greek word that means moving things from the realm of talk and ideas into actual practice. Instead of just waiting for system reform, our members are looking for, developing and experimenting with, and putting in place better ways to do things both in our own practices and businesses and the interconnections we create.

We are going to transform the system bit by bit from the ground up within our Consortium. We intend to thrive and prosper because we are delivering better value to individuals and their families, their employers and benefits payers, the community, and the taxpayers by doing so.