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Disability Management Education:

Webility provides Internet-based accredited continuing medical education (CME) to physicians and other clinicians on the topic of disability prevention, mitigation, and management -- a topic that has been overlooked in traditional medical education.  

Webility offers this training to physicians (and other clinicians) who are nominated by our corporate clients, or who seek our training independently.  Webility tracks the educational activity of each nominee and makes activity reports available to the providers as well as to those clients who nominated them.  We also provide live training and workshops.

Other Training:

Webility can develop, deliver and track customized Internet-based training to physicians, medical office staff, and other participants in the disability management process at the request of employer and insurer clients.  Examples include modules that focus on disability-related or health-related concerns in a particular company or industry, resulting from a particular injury or illness, in different localities, or under particular laws or policies, and so forth.


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