Who We Are

  • The Maze-Masters team is a highly trained multi-disciplinary group of experts, including both Guides and Consultants. We work together to help you have the most fulfilling and satisfying life possible under the circumstances.
  • Since 1999, Webility Corporation's goal has been to serve as a catalyst for positive change in disability benefits and workers' compensation systems. Originally, our services were training and consulting projects with groups of doctors, managed care companies, employers, insurance companies, and government agencies. We now also serve individuals who are receiving benefits from these systems. We developed our Maze-Masters service to individuals because we saw too many people's lives going downhill. Some people end up left high and dry, feeling sidelined and abandoned after they get deep into the maze of the health care, workers' compensation, and disability benefits systems. Medical care and monetary benefits have not been enough to heal them. We saw that more is needed.