How the Maze-Masters Process Works

1. Referrals.  Referrals to Maze-Masters can be made by the treating physician, the employer, or the claims payer (insurance company).

2. Pre-authorization and Payment.  Our fee is paid by the employer or claims payer.  If a treating clinician makes a referral, it must be pre-approved by the insurer or employer before Maze-Masters gets involved.

3. Outreach.  The payer will notify you that you are pre-approved for this voluntary service if you qualify and choose to participate.  The payer then forwards the referral to Maze-Masters.  One of the Maze-Masters Guides then calls you to see if you are interested in exploring the program and what you might want to get out of it.

4. Exploration and Trial Period.  A telephone call is scheduled to explore the possibility of participation and determine if you qualify.  If so, and you wish to proceed, you enter a two-week Trial Period so you can get a taste of the program.  If the Trial Period is successful, a custom program is designed to address your concerns and achieve your goals.  The plan must be approved in advance by the payer.

5. Full Program.  During the program which lasts between 8 and 16 weeks (2 to 4 months), a Maze-Masters Guide serves as your personal tutor and coach.  In weekly phone calls and emails, your Maze-Masters Guide supervises and supports you as you undertake a variety of tasks and assignments designed to build the skills and confidence you will need to find your way back out of the maze.  In addition, you will take group classes and participate in the Maze-Masters on-line community along with the other people who are enrolled in the program.

6. Transition.  Upon completion of the program, you will receive a report from Maze-Masters summarizing the progress that you have made with recommendations for what to do going forward.  We also keep in touch by phone during a transition period.  Membership in the on-line community continues for 90 days afterwards.