Important Disclaimer

Maze-Masters, Webility Corporation, its Guides, and other contractors involved in the delivery and oversight of the Maze-Masters program are providing a structured, guided, non-medical self-help service to individuals.  Our purpose is to strengthen their ability to cope with the impact of medical conditions on the quality of their everyday lives, now and in the future.  The individuals we are working with remain responsible for their own wellbeing.

Please note the following important points about our services:

Non-medical service.  In providing its educational and coaching services, Webility Corporation, Maze-Masters, its Guides and its other expert contractors:

  • make no medical or mental health diagnoses;
  • neither prescribe nor deliver any medical, chiropractic, psychiatric, or psychological treatment;
  • deliver no physical or occupational therapy, nursing, social work, vocational rehabilitation, case management, nor benefit claim management services.

No part of the Maze-Masters service is a substitute for medical care.  Individuals should always seek the advice of their physician or other qualified health providers with any questions regarding their medical condition.  Individuals should never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something they have heard or learned in the Maze-Masters program.

No endorsement or warranty.  During the Maze-Masters program, our clients are asked to explore and use a wide variety of written, audio, and visual materials as well as internet-based sources of information produced or written by people who may or may not be Maze-Masters employees or contractors.  Guides may also mention specific care facilities, service providers, procedures, treatments, concepts or opinions to clients.  Although we endeavor to use materials and resources that have been shown to be useful and effective, and that we think are appropriate for our client's situation, we cannot guarantee that will be so.  Maze-Masters neither endorses nor makes any warranty as to the accuracy, reliability, effectiveness, or suitability of these materials or resources for a client's situation, or to the professional competency of the authors or service providers.  Clients are encouraged to accept, modify, reject, or raise concerns about any suggestions made by any Maze-Masters associate, and to discuss what they are learning with their families, friends, and healthcare practitioners.

No duty.  As a non-medical program, neither Maze-Masters, Webility Corporation, nor its contractors assume any duty to identify or report any medical condition that could pose a threat of any sort to the mental or physical health or well-being of its candidates and clients or that of anyone else.  Individuals in crisis should seek professional help or contact crisis support resources in their local community.

Confidentiality.  The privacy of Maze-Masters candidates and clients is very important to us.  In general, we will not intentionally release information without their written permission.  However, since Maze-Masters communicates with our candidates, clients, and their sponsors using regular email and regular computers to access the Internet, it is impossible to fully protect the privacy of information being transmitted electronically from interception by third parties.

There are several specific situations in which we will release information without permission.  Practically speaking, if a Maze-Masters program is being paid for by a third party, reports are required as a condition of payment for our services.  In addition, under workers' compensation law, we are required to provide all relevant information to the organization administering workers' compensation benefits upon request.

In addition, there are some unusual situations under which we may release information without permission.  We will, of course, inform our client as soon as practicable about any release of information of this type.  These situations are:

  1. If we have information which indicates that a child, elder or handicapped individual is being abused or neglected; or
  2. If we believe that our client is at imminent risk of harm to themself or others; or
  3. If we receive a formal request for information from a court or other administrative body that requires our compliance.