Maze-Masters Philosophy and Approach

  • Often, people who are having trouble getting back on their feet could do better if they had a guide who understands all the things they are facing: the medical, emotional, family, practical, social, legal, and financial challenges.
  • Maze-Masters was founded to meet that need. We have seen what happens to people, and have supported many of them in handling these challenges in ways that allow them to regain a greater sense of control in their lives.
  • We teach people how to navigate the maze and sometimes even find the exit. The way out may be simple – but hidden in a blind spot now. Our approach offers people a new way of thinking so that solutions can come into clear focus.
  • Gaining the skills and self-confidence to take back control of your own future often improves health, fitness, and morale and restores a sense of purpose for living. Although injury and illness can alter someone’s ability to do what they did before, nearly everyone can still have a normal everyday life and find a way to make a contribution.
  • We are offering to partner up with you. We will stand for you and your better future until you can see it yourself. Then we will support you as you clear away obstacles and start moving towards a life that is more satisfying than the one you’ve got today.
  • The Maze-Masters process begins with an invitation. One of the Maze-Masters Guides will call you and ask if you are willing to explore the possibility of enrolling. If you accept, we will make a date for a longer phone session. At that time, we will discuss the impact your injury has already had on your life, what your future looks like now, and what is important to you. Then we will talk about how the Maze-Masters program works, the benefits it offers, and what you might want to get out of participating. The next step is for us to decide whether Maze-Masters seems like a good fit, given your situation. If so, you enter the Trial Period. If that is successful, we design your full program together, your adjuster approves it, and you become a member of the Maze-Masters community! From start to finish, the entire process usually takes between 3 and 6 months.
  • The Maze-Masters program is a structured short-term set of non-medical services, primarily one-on-one personal coaching, guided self-study, small group classes and an on-line community of mutual encouragement. It provides education, motivation, a philosophical perspective and individualized feedback and support.
  • The program is delivered by telephone and on-line. People can participate while sitting at home in any part of the country.
  • Our services are completely non-medical. We provide a supplement to medical care, and do not interfere with other on-going services.