• When a working person gets sick or injured, we think everyone involved — the doctor, employer, family, insurance company and others — should team up to help the person get back on their feet.
  • However, when health problems interrupt life and work, people are usually left alone to fend for themselves.  Most people arenít prepared to deal with bad luck of this kind.  Many donít know where to turn.  Some end up wandering, feeling blocked or even trapped in a frustrating maze.
  • Putting life on hold is hard on people — especially when they are used to being independent.  Itís frustrating when disability or pain doesnít go away.  Money problems and relationship strains can make things worse and add to the stress.
  • At Maze-Masters, our goal is to help you create a satisfying everyday routine and a hopeful future, no matter what has happened — so life looks good again.
  • In your confidential Maze-Masters program you will learn how to make yourself feel better — good enough to start moving forward and enjoying life again.  To do that, we will teach you skills for self-care and for dealing with the challenges that life has thrown at you.  You will build up your health, your mental toughness and your physical strength, as well as your self-respect.
  • Are you in a situation like this?  If so, you can start healing your life right away — without waiting for your medical condition or other circumstances to change.  Take advantage of our confidential Maze-Masters program.  It can equip you with the information, skills, capability, and confidence you need, along with a roadmap to get yourself out of the maze.

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